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A Dedication To Skateboarding And Its History

The Core Skateboard NFT Collection
NFTYSKATEBOARDS is a tribute to the great art and subculture that emerged around skateboarding in the last 50+ years of skateboard history.
A loveletter to skateboarding!
There has been endless iconic graphics, great artworks, created just to be shredded on the next curb. This collection aims to bring all that into the digital world as NFTs you can collect and trade.

NFTYSK8 #001

The First

The First

NFTYSK8 #061

Your Favourite 80s Brand

Telum Skateboards
Your Old Man Skate Company

NFTYSK8 #034

DGK - Power Stevie 2021

Stevie Williams

Shred skate history with us!

By skaters, for skaters -No Bullshit


Every NFT is handmade with a lot of LOVE
by a Design (Paul) and CGI (Oli) Professional mixed with the incredible art from our collab partners. 

Unique & Limited

The NFT itself is a very high quality FullHD MP4 Animation Loop (1080x1080Px) numbered with its unique code of the release count.

Made by Skateboarders

NFTYSKATEBOARDS is a true Skateboard & Art OpenSea Collection founded and created by two aged Skateboarders Oli & Paul     

The nerds behind nftyskateboards
We are two skate buddies from the 80-90s when we started skating. True to this! We love what we do! 3D-Motion design artists - CGI -Art & Creativ directors. We create extraordinary authentic high quality experiences at the intersection of digital and lifestyle.

Oli Kentner aka Olika3D

15y+ CGI Experience and an unstoppable love for pushing pixels.

Oli Kentner

Paul Muresan

Graphic Design OG - NFTSK8 Art Department & Quality Control

Paul Muresan
Graphic Design